• Will I get support?

    Yes. Support includes access to the moderated community chat, the two monthly lives via Zoom every month hosted by Martina, as well as e-mail support. You can also access the Extra Help modules to get 1:1 mentoring with Martina, Susanne or Brian.

  • I've been following on Tiktok for a while. Where should I start?

    We would recommend that you trial the Silver Stream. There may be some content that is repetitive from Tiktok or Youtube initially but it will get more in depth and complex over time. During the free trial, if you'd like to learn faster with access to the entry strategy immediately, e-mail martina@dontwantaboss.com to upgrade to the Silver Stream+.

  • How do I learn Martina's entry strategy?

    Martina's entry strategy is covered in Day Trading Crypto on Leverage - Phase II. If you'd like access immediately, please sign up to the Accelerated Silver Stream.

  • How do I know what the videos are going to be like?

    Most of the video series have a few free preview videos at the beginning that you can watch. Furthermore, the Silver Stream includes a free trial period so you can have a good idea of the videos, the community and the monthly live sessions.

  • What's the difference between the Silver Stream and the Silver+ (Accelerated) Stream?

    Silver Stream+ is an accelerated version of the Silver Stream where the first few months of content are accessible immediately. This includes the basic entry strategy. If you are a beginner or you're not sure where to start, we recommend starting with the Silver Stream which has a 2 week free trial. You can always upgrade during that time period.

  • Why can I only see some video content and it says the next video won't be available for a week?

    Content will be unlocked over time to give you time to practice and master principles. Think of it like going back to school - you learn something new at each lecture and advance further. The order that content will be unlocked is as follows: Day Trading Phase I, then Phase II, then Phase III over ~8 months,. You will need to complete all the pre-requisite videos & quizzes to move on to the next sections. Exams have a minimum passing grade in order to continue. Simply repeat the exam until you achieve the necessary passing grade. If you get stuck, you will get support in the group chat, during the live Zoom calls or you can opt for 1:1 support with one of our mentors accessible through the Extra Help modules.

  • How long until I can trade like Martina?

    This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends heavily on your level of time commitment, discipline, and initiative. We've seen traders become consistently profitable using Martina's strategy in the frame of 4-12 months. In order to trade exactly like Martina, however, it will likely take you several years.

  • Are you still offering 1:1 mentorship?

    Brian, Susanne and Martina all offer 1:1 coaching calls. Martina also offers video reviews to students within the school as extra support at a discount. Martina's mentorship program has been discontinued after the birth of her first baby.

  • Why can't I purchase sections seperately?

    Sections are meant to be done in a certain order with pre-requisite knowledge done first. The swing trading section requires a lot of knowledge taught in the day trading videos. The portfolio section requires a lot of the knowledge taught in the swing section. For that reason, they are only available through the memberships where content will be released in chunks at a time to allow you to learn, practice and implement principles at the same pace you go through the content.